The Real-Time Web and InfiniteHockey

Posted by Tosh Meston on Fri, Nov 13

The Real-Time Web and InfiniteHockeyTonight I am releasing a new version of InfiniteHockey that reflects a significant change in the way developers are building new sites of the real-time web.

What is the real-time web?

The real-time web is all about information delivered to you as it becomes available.  For InfiniteHockey users, it means every block on the site is real-time enabled.  When you look at your game roster, you will see your teammates mark themselves as in, out or undecided as they do it.  Your comments and updates blocks will always be up to date.  It means you don't have to refresh to see the latest stuff.  You don't have to wait for something to poll to get new data.  It's all live.

I hope the change is useful to you.  I think you'll see more real-time features all over the web as time goes by.  As always, if you see a bug on our site or have feature suggestions, feel free to send me a message and let me know.


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